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Lexibar Portuguese will help you type Portuguese special characters
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Just a few days ago, a colleague of mine told me he was having a hard time typing a document in Spanish on his computer because he had lost the notepad where he had written the ASCII codes for Spanish special characters. Of course he did not know that Windows lets you configure your keyboard for different languages, and so I did to solve his problem. The actual drawback of this method is that you will have to memorize where those special keys are located on your keyboard, especially when the symbols on the keys do not match the layout chosen in the operating system. Although this poses no problem to the skillful typist, who does not even have to look at the keyboard when typing, the vast majority of the users would find themselves guessing where the desired character is.

Lexibar Portuguese comes to help the keyboard-troubled users. There are versions of this software for many other languages, and this one is to help people wanting to type in Portuguese. The use of the software is extremely simple. Once you execute it, an always-on-top virtual keypad will appear on your computer screen. This bar shows the problem characters and all you have to do is click on the corresponding virtual key while typing in your word processor. Character drag-and-drop or copying to the clipboard by doble-clicking are also possible.

Pedro Castro
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  • It offers several methods to insert the needed characters
  • It occupies very little screen space
  • It helps inexperienced typists


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